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About David Anderson

David has a passion for helping clients plan. Every goal, whether big or small, starts with a plan. He enjoys helping his clients transition through the stages of life, from young adults starting their families and careers to end of life planning, and then helping their loved ones after they pass. No matter where you are on your great journey through life, David is here to help!

What We Do

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the series of preparation tasks that serve to manage an individual’s assets in the event of their incapacity or death.

Probate & Trusts

All wills of persons who are citizens of North Carolina are required to be filed with the County Clerk of Court, regardless of the size of the estate.

Take The Next Step

The initial consultation is an opportunity to establish the relationship with the client to determine a starting point for the planning process. Education is provided to the client as to different planning options that may be beneficial to the client based upon the intake questionnaire.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Honesty + Integrity + Knowledge = Victory! David Anderson, you have my personal and professional admiration!

David does excellent work and is very knowledgeable.

Mr. Anderson is an excellent source for knowledge of the law! I highly recommend his services! He definitely has helped me out on multiple occasions!!!