Out-of-State Estate Planning Documents

February 4, 2021
We frequently receive calls inquiring about whether out-of-state estate planning documents are valid in North Carolina.  The short answer is likely yes. A typical comprehensive plan should include a will, power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney and living will.  It is also common to have a trust that is “located” in another state and relies on that state’s laws for its governance. Estate planning documents are controlled by state law and common law.  Common laws are ... Continue Reading

5 Key Estate Planning Documents Podcast with OmniStar Financial

October 2, 2020
I recently sat down with Alex Nolan at OmniStar Financial as a guest on their podcast "We Are Talking Money" to discuss 5 Key Estate Planning Documents.  Take a listen for yourself - link. Continue Reading

What Happens to a Limited Liability Company After a Member Dies?

August 28, 2020
Death is almost always a complicated event for the survivors, who have not only emotional but also logistical considerations to manage. However, when an owner (typically called a member) of a limited liability company (LLC) dies, it exacerbates the difficulties for the surviving members. In addition to bearing the loss, they must determine whether the LLC can or even should continue. These questions are just a handful of the issues that should be considered as part ... Continue Reading

Retirement Updates Amid COVID-19

May 19, 2020
On May 4, 2020, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) published questions and answers regarding retirement provisions in Section 2202 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. In addition to providing aid for individuals and businesses, the CARES Act increases accessibility to funds and loans from certain retirement plans and accounts. The information the IRS recently published clarifies which individuals may benefit from the legislation and which plans and accounts are covered. Retirement Account ... Continue Reading

Estate Planning Deficiencies Check-Up

May 13, 2020
How does your estate plan stack up?  Put it to the test with this simple check-up form. Continue Reading

Four Reasons Your Will May Be Contested in Court

May 8, 2020
Having an updated last will and testament is more important than ever, especially now. However, a will that is poorly created or not frequently updated can be vulnerable to challenge by caveat. What is a caveat? A caveat is a will contest filed with the Clerk of Court and heard by a Superior Court Jury. It is the formal objection to a will’s validity because it either: a) does not reflect the wishes of the ... Continue Reading